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  • InSight Vision care provides comprehensive, on-site vision care by an optometrist certified by the State Board of Optometry in the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases and the use of diagnostic and therapeutic medications.
  • We work with the Director of Nursing or Social Services Director to identify those residents who will benefit from eye and vision care services, and arrange a schedule to suit your needs at the facility.
  • We provide an optometric technician to assisst the doctor and to escort patients to and from the exam area.
  • We process all billing and paperwork for exams, including filing through Medicare and Medicaid.
  • We write up progress notes for residents' permanent files, and discuss our findings with the Director of Nursing or Social Services Director, as appropriate.
  • We make recommendations and referrals to appropriate professionals as required for secondary care.
  • We handle all aspects of resident scheduling and follow-up appointments.

InSight Vision Care
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