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  • InSight Vision Care specializes in quality vision care for residents of nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.
  • We perform comprehensive, medically oriented ocular evaluations, on-site, providing a high standard of care delivered with a compassion, respect, and skilled professionalism by knowledgeable doctors and staff.
  • Medical ocular and visual assessments can be provided more efficiently on site, allowing us to monitor and prescribe treatments for changes associated with diabetes and high blood pressure, reduced vision from macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts, as well as red eyes caused by eyelid inflammation, infection, or dry eyes.
  • Residents we routinely evaluate include those with diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, chronic blepharitits or red eyes, as well as anyone receiving eyedrops for any reason.
  • We are able to prescribe glasses for those who have lost or broken their frames or lenses, as well as for those who have had recent cataract surgery.
  • Providing medical eye and vision care within the facility increases residents' level of comfort, as well as reduces time and resource committment for administrators and staff at the facility.
  • Our system works best when incorporated into your overall protocol for care. When evaluating residents after admission, ocular and visual assessments can now be part of that process.
  • Since vision affects behavior, mood, and function, including comprehensive vision care as part of your protocol for care can significantly benefit your residents.

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